Parenting can be as challenging as it can be rewarding! Our children can bring great joy to our lives as we support them on their journey to adulthood. At the same time, parenting can be frustrating, thankless and just hard work, particularly when children move into their teenage years.

  • What do you do when your child refuses to go to school or is constantly getting into trouble at school?
  • What if your teenager seems to be drifting, gets in with the ‘wrong’ crowd or starts to experiment with drugs or alcohol?
  • What if your teenager no longer listens to you, respects you or behaves abusively towards you?

James Ising counsellors and psychologists support our clients in navigating their roles as parents. We offer support when parents are feeling overwhelmed or ‘stuck’, and are unsure of the best steps to take for themselves and for their children.

Specialist parenting counsellors and psychologists

You may choose to attend parenting counselling alone, with your partner, or with your child, in order to effectively work through the issues facing your family. We can work alongside you, to better understand your child or teenager and their developmental stage, and identify strategies to support you in this challenging role as a parent. You will learn constructive ways to manage the issues and conflicts that parenting brings, enabling you to forge a more positive relationship with your child or teenager.

Identifying ways to communicate more effectively and deal with conflict proactively are paramount to achieving a positive and harmonious family unit.